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Premium Matcha Green Tea Pills (90 ct.) - Vegan capsules - GMO Free

Cup of Matcha

Perfect to take on the go!

Our Matcha green tea pills contain 100% authentic, organic, Matcha green tea powder, which increases your energy, concentration, and productivity for 4+ hours.  

Matcha powder is also one of the world's healthiest super-foods.  It contains over 10 times the antioxidants compared to traditional teas and other super-foods.  These capsules are a healthy and powerful choice. You can experience all of the benefits by consuming organic green tea with Cup Of Matcha's easy-to-use capsule form.


Each *vegan* capsule contains 500mg of premium Matcha green tea powder. 


Take 2 per morning for the best results. 90 capsules per container. Please consult with your physician before using any supplement.

Learn more about the health and nutrition of Matcha green tea products here: Health Facts

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