Japanese Bamboo Chasen Matcha Whisk

Cup of Matcha

Whisk it up!

For the perfect cup of Matcha, you'll need a Matcha whisk or (chasen). Crafted by carefully selected all natural bamboo. Essential to whip up a smooth cup of Matcha, every time.


The production process of the fine tea bamboo whisks, are handmade during the low fire roasting process.  This strengthens the resilience of the whisk, which greatly improves the service life.  After the chasen whisk touches water, both the outer ear and inner ear become soft, and the curved part, straight. We offer the finest whisks on the web.

How to Use

Curious on how to prepare your first cup of Matcha green tea?  Visit our How To Prepare page for our step by step instructions.


  • Material: Bamboo
  • Size: 11x6cm
  • Fringe:64

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